Ilya Prokudin,
director of

We express our sincere thanks for the interest to our products - smart
monitoring systems KAIPOS.

The company has the latest smart monitoring system KAIPOS that allows to obtain data on field condition, period of pest emergence and risk of diseases, to optimize any irrigation systems as well as to monitor open and protected ground and other important climatic indicators.
All systems of monitoring KAIPOS are autonomous and compact; they are powered by solar energy. Information is collected and transferred to the Russian web server that allows to store data for an unlimited number of years.
Wireless sensors and economical energy consumption are the most important elements providing smooth operation of equipment even without the sunlight.
The main difference of our models is the ease of use, operational notification as well as integration of models for the climatic conditions of any region. Our chief advantage is to use wireless sensors that help to increase the monitoring area and to reduce costs.
Accurate weather information makes it possible to start agrotechnical practices structurally and effectively.
The prognosis of the diseases development for crops grown in your farm helps to determine the time of infection by harmful objects and take a quick decision about protective measures based on modern high-precision warning systems - agronomical models.
You can define the protection period of the preparation with high accuracy depending on weather conditions and obtain the information about the necessity of further treatments.
We hope for efficient and long-term collaboration.
Sincerely yours,
Ilya Prokudin
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